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Michael Moore as Willie NelsonMichael Moore as Willie Nelson

Michael Moore was born and raised in McKinney, Texas. His passion for Willies's music came at an early age. "I can remember hearing his music coming out of my grandmother's old AM radio," and even then Michael knew that there was something unique about Willie Nelson. Nelson's voice and unusual style of phrasing are hard to match. Through many years of study and about a million "Whiskey Rivers" later, Moore's ability to capture" the country music legend's voice and style are considered by many to be the best in the world. Michael is also an accomplished guitar player and performs all of the guitar parts played by Nelson in his shows. When asked what kind of music he likes, Moore said, "Everything from The Carpenters to Metallica." Michael has performed his Willie tribute show throughout the USA as a solo artist and also with several top tribute shows including Cavalcade Of Stars, Mirror Image, Memories Theatre and Superstars Live in Concert, a BC Entertainment, Inc. production.


August Manley as Waylon JenningsAugust Manley as Waylon Jennings

Tacoma, Washington native, August Manley, spent his childhood in the rural outreaches near his Grandfather's farm in the Pacific Northwest. Being raised on country music in the mid seventies laid the perfect foundation for what would later become the Nation's premier Waylon Jennings tribute. Since 2005, August Manley has been bringing the finest moments of country music back to Waylon's vast number of fans, as well as providing thousands of newcomers to Waylon's music the opportunity to see, feel and take in this special brand of country music in its purest form, LIVE. Currently based out of Phoenix, Arizona, August Manley continues to strive for his ultimate goal: keeping Waylon's music in front of live audiences around the world.



The Highwaymen Live
proudly presents two of the world's finest Johnny Cash tributes.

Cliff Wright

Mark Gagnon as Johnny Cash


'If we ever forget that we're one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.' - Ronald Reagan

A veteran is someone who, at one point in their life wrote a blank check Made
Payable to 'The United States of America, ' for an amount of 'up to and
including their life.' That is Honor, and there are way too many people in This
Country who no longer understand anything about honor.'

Mark Gagnon,
Originally from Southington Connecticut is a U.S Army Veteran, Airborne Ranger and Special Forces (Green Beret).
A Johnny Cash Tribute Artist since 2008,
Mark now lives at White Lake, North Carolina.

Mark is a Johnny Cash Fan first and a Johnny Cash Tribute Artist Second. From the moment Mark takes the stage, and says the iconic line “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash” Mark recreates the memory of Johnny Cash as authentically as possible with his voice, style, and mannerisms. Mark has performed his tribute throughout the country and in residency at a major theater in Tennessee and Indiana. Mark, also like Cash, is known for his rebellious side, his deep bass/baritone voice will take you back as he pays tribute to the country and rockabilly times of the Man In Black.


Bennie Wheels as Johnny Cash


Bennie Wheels began his entertainment career in Texas. Although successful, working for Dallas' top look-a-like agencies, performing countless corporate events, live concerts, private functions. When the hit movie, "Walk The Line" was released, Bennie was drawn to the story and music of the legendary “JOHNNY CASH”. After touring Sun Records (Memphis, TN) in the Summer of 2006, he vowed to learn how to play the guitar and give his best shot as a Johnny Cash Tribute Artist. Instantly, he realized that his vocal registry had an uncanny likeness to Johnny Cash in every way...even his normal speaking voice. And even from the first moment hitting the stage as "Johnny Cash", it was perfectly clear how natural Bennie's tribute to “The Man In Black” came. Throughout the years, Bennie has wowed audiences all over the country, touring his “Walkin' The Line” show, and has also performed with many other tribute productions…Including The Highwaymen/Live.


Bernie as Johnny Cash



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