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Highwaymen Live

A Musical Tribute

Perhaps the greatest country music super group in history, the Highwaymen traveled the world performing country music to millions of fans. Your audience will watch in amazement as each song, one hit after another is sung just as if they were seeing the original band perform. This 90 minute country music tribute show is full of upbeat, honky-tonk hits like Ring of Fire, Dukes of Hazard, and On the Road Again.

Relive the glory days when country music was made by
Good Men, Country Men, The Highwaymen.


"How nice to see this duo (The Outlaws) back again. We saw them last July and were really taken by their performance. They ressemble so closely the originals in every way. They should be back more often since were sure their popularity would warrant it. We visit your area several times per year and always check to see who your featuring. It would be nice to see the Outlaws more. They are very entertaining.It would be really great if you could put your Johnny Cash with those guys--WOW-- what a show that would be. Anyway thanks for allowing us the opportunity to voice our opinion.Love your show.Sincerely"

John and Adrienne Wallis from Naples, FL

"We were very pleased with the show this past Saturday nite. Best we've ever seen. We had heard about the outlaws from last year from friends of ours but had never seen them. For us they were the stars of the show though everyone was great. Their wit and ressemblance to the real thing was amazing. Though Waylon has passed its hard to tell by this show. Maybe he was in hiding. Love to see them more often. Waylon will never be dead as long as yours is around. And he and Willie are so personable and friendly. Thanks for a great time."

James and Ann from Seattle, WS

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing back those wonderful outlaws.They even seem better than before and we thought they were great then. We're sure Waylon has been resurected. Thanks again-just great."

Alley and Fred from Knoxville, KY

"What great performers. We were really surprised how well they performed and looked like the real thing. Spine-tingling to say the least. Hope to see them again. All in all a very entertaining show!"

Harrison from Chicago, IL

"Waylon simply left us both spellbound. It was as if we were seeing the real thing. He really must have studied his stuff. We are big Waylon fans, and he could have fooled us both. We have been at the theatre before, but that show was a really pleasant surprise. Please try to have them back. There are so many people who I'm sure want to see that act. Thank you!"

Nathan and Jodi Spencer from Atlanta, GA

"We think we have seen as good a show as Nashville has to offer. I don't know where you "dug" Waylon up, but I'm sure it was him in the flesh that we saw at the show. We could not believe it. Willie and Johnny Cash were also great! These guys are truly a remarkable act and should definitely be on the big stage. Just great!"

Gordon and Jennifer from Nashville, TN




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